"I was asked, 'how do you explain Consegrity®?' I thought, 'Where to begin? My medical training in cardiology did not prepare me for the phenomenal or the profound; to see and experience what's possible on all levels and learn a wellness model that supports prevention of heart disease rather than managing symptoms. Consegrity® is a conscious awareness of the tensegrity of the DNA at the level of All Knowing. It is the 'new medicine' missing in patient care today. I'm tired of managing symptoms. It's time to stand up for what medicine ought to be, NOW! It works...I bet my heart on the outcome!!"
-- Cardiologist, Wichita, Kansas

"In the field of bodywork for 25 years, I have been exposed to a long list of mechanical and energetic modalities. I've always been suspicious of 'energy' techniques that involved putting energy into, or taking it out of someone. I've seen too much imprinting and transference of symptoms to trust it. I am, therefore,  amazed by the simplicity, safety and effectiveness of the Consegrity
® . Finally, a linear, workable approach to facilitating healing from the Source, the 'energetic' context. The best part is that it requires no special talent, no special sight, only a little clarity, the willingness to give up one's own intention for the result, and a simple recognition of our human connection. I can trust that!"

-- Joel H. Blumert, LMT, NCB, Salisbury, Connecticut

"I have spent my lifetime examining aspects of energy vibration from color spectrums, to sound, to sense of touch, to aromas and taste. Never have I been exposed to a more concise presentation on those sensory fields! This class opened a doorway for me that not only answered my questions but validated my observations as well. Clear, flowing, step by step insight that has given new color to my holographic canvas and the bigger picture."

-- Carole Coombs, Owner/Director
                                       Green Valley Spa and Sensory Development Institute
                                                                                                              St. George, Utah

"Watching the unfolding of Consegrity
® propelled me into a dimension not experienced before, that of 'Being' in the moment, not 'Doing', but observing the body's own inherent wisdom move toward wholeness...not having to know everything...a new concept, hard to embrace coming from a mind-set of 'just-one-more-class and I will finally understand what is needed to help my clients'.
A bonus in this work is how it supports the animal world as well...during class, I was notified that my 14 year old German Shephard was very ill and needed to be put down...engaging these new techniques, my dog had 3 more weeks, pain free, before communicating the desire to transcend...it was a peaceful passing...I would encourage one and all to take advantage of this opportunity to expand into the realm of all possibilities...it may be
the class!"
-- Becky Spear, Certified Holistic Nurse, Fairbanks, Alaska