The human body is made up of over 70 trillion cells, all held
together by connective tissues that form highways for all forms of communication both to and from cells. This highway holds and supports the blood vessels, lymphatics and nerves, delivering
nutrition, oxygen and information with cellular debris leaving through the veins and lymphatics.

All cells contain DNA, the informative blocks that you inherit, the information blocks that you inherited. The DNA tells the cells how to repair and replace themselves. This should be able to go on forever if the environment around the cell stayed clean and clear of accumulated energy from trauma. Between the two cells, above right, you can see the energy of trauma represented by the purple squiggly lines. This trauma may be physical, emotional, spiritual, inherited or environmentl. When the trapped energy reaches a certain tension, the cells undergo a loss of tensegrity (the ability to balance tension and compression. The following illustrates this:

The cell changes shape and the DNA locks up. The DNA can then go into a degenerative mode, which means it can't repair itself. Over time this results in diseases like arthritis, and all chronic degenerative diseases, headaches, back pain, etc.. The second
option is cell death--diseases such as end stage heart disease,
diabetes and Alzheimer's. The only other choice for the cell is to convert to a new cell line--tumors and cancer. If the trapped
energy in the connective tissue is removed, the cell reverts to normal and healing occurs. Clearing this extraneous energy is what
Consegrity does. Come and see what is possible for you! This "Wellness Model" helps you stay healthy and performing at your highest possible level. Life is to be lived vibrantly, learn what that is. You are worth it!