At our center, we focus on healing all aspects of the human
being, using the
Consegrity Wellness Model. We offer therapy
and classes to experience a new approach to health and life

deals with restoring balance of all structures
within the body so the DNA which tells the cell how to repair
and replace itself then becomes unlocked through the body's
own inherent wisdom. The cell then reverts to normal, and healing occurs.

Accumulated traumas, whether physical, emotional, spiritual, inherited or environmental, are held in your tissues. Simple signs of pain, limitations and achiness, over time, become disease. Pain and disease are a symptom of imbalance, whether it is simply the soft tissue and bony structures, or with the whole body, mind and spirit. This therapy is not about treating the symptom - it's about treating the
cause of the symptom and helping the body to regain inner balance of all structures, and therefore, return to normal function, physiology and life.

Your body has all the answers--it is time to see what's possible. You are worth it!